Nov 10

Love Is All There Is!

Love is all there is.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again until I’m finished here on this plane of time.  Why is this so important to me?  Maybe because it is true, my truth at least.  I got this from a much higher source and that is a story in itself, but it is from a highly respected one and with all the study and meditation, I know it to be true.

Much of what we learn in texts of all faiths is that Love is the foundation, the nugget of truth.  If we look at the secular field, we find that the Love factor is ever present.  There are some who don’t want to say the “L” word but it is there nonetheless.

It all boils down to the fact that Love is all there is, everything else is distraction.  There is good distraction and not so good distraction.  It all boils down to stepping forward in Love.  The more we move in that direction the more our lives will flow into place and our paths become more clear and simple.  Not necessarily easy but definitely more simple.

If it is about Love and fear, which sounds simple, then why isn’t it simple?  It is simple, not easy.  I use the example of a dark alley.  You are walking down this dark alley all by yourself when all of a sudden you hear footsteps.  You turn and see that it is a large figure coming at you with a big knife and he wants to harm you.  Now, you be assured that this man is dealing with some fear issues and he is acting out.  This is not the time to go to him and give him a hug and show him some Love.  It is time to Love yourself and get the heck out of there.  Bless him and run!

Now if it is all about Love then why not go to him and show him that Love is the answer?  Because it is not in his paradigm to be able to accept the concept of Love.  He has embraced fear as his path with such conviction that he has no way to make the change to a peaceful path of Love.  Hopefully he will, someday, make the changes necessary to embrace Love, but until then, he is enveloped in fear and knows no other way or even has a concept that there could be another way.  It’s sad and it is the cause of much of what is going on in the world.

The really sad thing about this is that fear and fear mongering is much of the fabric of our society.  Much of our economy is based on fear.  This would be another book of information on how fear is so embedded into the fabric of our lives, but it is important to note here that it is all around us and it is an accepted way of life.

This brings us to the point of choice.  Which is the way you want to live?  What is better for your health and well-being?  We talk about health a lot these days and that is important but what about our soul or mental health?  The drug pushers, both on the street and behind the counters are there to “help” us out but that just masks the problem and adds to the physical issues that we have.  What do you choose?  Love or fear?  Simple but not always easy.

Let’s go back to the dark alley.  You would never find yourself in that situation you say?  Of course not, you Love yourself too much to put yourself in harms way like that, right?  But (Behold the Underlying Truth) you find yourself in similar situations from day to day anyway.  We put ourselves in situations where the other person is attacking us, usually verbally, and we find our self blindsided.  We thought we were in a safe place, with friends, acquaintances, even family, but the truth is that we get attacked by a fear based person who has issues that they feel they can only resolve by lashing out at others.  They even try to qualify it by “believing” it is for your own good.

Bottom line, if it is not coming from a Love base, it is coming from a fear base.  This is simple but when it is between people who we are in relationship with it becomes complicated.  I know I said that it is simple, and it is, just the process is sometimes mucked up by relationships, family, and the desire to bend the other person to our will.  “But I know what is best for them,” you say.  As much as we believe this to be true we need to allow the other person to walk the path they have chosen.  This is a hard thing to accept.  I am still working on it.  I would love to have everyone just let go of their fears and bring Love into their lives and live happily ever after.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Not going to happen!  It’s just not.  So understand that and move forward with your path and work to choose Love instead of fear.  Are we giving up on our fellow travelers?  No, we’re not.  Because if we live by example, if we keep choosing Love instead of fear as much as we can then, and only then, can others around us learn that there might be a better way.  Who’s to say that the Love path is better than the path of fear?  Well, many people for thousands of years, actually.  But, look at two people, one who lives in fear and one who lives in Love.  Who do you see at peace with the world and who is full of angst?  You decide.

Literally all of the sages tell us that we must find peace within before we find peace without. (This is a quote from Tich Naht Hahn.)  Read, listen, ask any of the leaders and they will all say that you first need to connect with the source of power that lives within.  Once you learn to embrace this inner strength and know that it is Love based then you will be able to step forward in Love.

“What if I don’t believe in Love?”  “What if it is all fluff and naive?”  Believe in the strength of doing good.  Doing good will be the beginning to change the world.  First, the world around you, meaning yourself, and slowly transform your world further and further like a pebble in the pond.  Energy keeps going out from the source, always.

If you start today choosing Love, that Love will spread out from you and affect those around you, maybe subtly, but change is happening.  The only hope we have for change is to start with ourselves.  If we don’t do this we will fail on the one thing that we were put on this planet to do, that is to learn to Love, ourselves and each other. “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb.

Start bringing Love to all you do and you will begin to see a change.  If it is only a change in your own heart, a peace that you haven’t felt before, wouldn’t it be worth it?


Rev. Don

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