Nov 08

Love Is All There Is!

Love is all there is.  This seems like an obvious statement to some people but to others it may seem to be foolish.  This statement was told to me by a high authority and he added at the end, “everything else is distractions.”  There are some harmless distractions and there are distractions that will take us further from our path of Love.

As we go through life, we need to ask ourselves if our next choice comes from a Love base or a fear base?  The more we choose Love instead of fear the closer we get to building a strong path based on Love and our life becomes closer to a path that will help us to fulfill our dreams.

Open Faith Ministry is a Love based ministry bringing Love into all of its offerings.

Let us help you to bring Love into any service that you need, whether it be the joining of two hearts in union with God or the blessing of a little one or helping to bring peace into the passing of a loved one.

We at Open Faith Ministry are able to bring individual needs together with a Love based faith that will create peace and Love for all concerned.

Please contact us at info@openfaithministry.com or 630-728-3911


Rev. Don

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